Samson Roofing focuses on customer service. We design each project with the customer at the front of our minds. A roofing system that best suits your building is key to years of satisfaction and we know each job is unique.


Nothing can beat the decades of experience our team has and the competitive knowledge that comes with that much time spent in the field.  We fully believe that nothing beats thousands of hours of hands-on work to become the best in your field.


Samson Roofing specializes in installation, re-roofs, repairs, and restorations for commercial properties.  Check out our portfolio page for a drone video of some previous projects and for further info.

Proudly Supplying

Samson Roofing proudly provides the best, new materials available.  You get what you pay for, and we believe in quality products from start to finish.  We value the relationship we have with our vendors and we can’t work in the roofing industry without them.

About Samson Roofing


Samson Roofing is owned and operated by Stephan and Scott Buyajian.  Samson Commercial Roofing offices are located near Bush Intercontinental Airport, in North Houston, Texas.

Specializing in reroofs, restorations, and repairs, Samson takes pride in their service department. Quality work is our speciality, keeping the work in quality condition, with our full-service repair and service department, is what sets us apart from our competitors.

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Our service department is something we’re proud of.  We work closely with our clients, focusing on customer service and appropriate design and application.  We work hard to ensure our systems will be best suited to the building they’re installed on due to our understanding of all technical aspects surrounding commercial roofing.

  • Installing energy efficient and code compliant roof systems.
  • Restoring old roofs to a watertight system
  • Service department that performs roof repairs, installs penetration and curbs
  • Counseling customers on what types of roofs are best suited for their needs, the condition of their roofs, and the best economical approach to addressing their roofs and whatever problems they may have


Samson Roofing is a commercial roofing company that specializes in commercial reroofs, restorations, and repairs.

  • Church Roof


    Commercial Reroof

  • Allen Parkway High Rise Roof


    Commercial Reoofing 

  • Retail Building Roof, Harwin


    Commercial Roofing Job

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Our Team

Samson Roofing has a group of highly trained commercial roofing employees.  It’s taken a full career in this industry to gain that knowledge that can only come from on-the-job practice.  With a focus on customer service, Samson’s many years of industry experience makes this a valuable team.

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Our full repair and service department is what sets us apart from our competitors.  Contact us for all your repair, restoration, and re-roofing needs.

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